Board Meeting Facts

Board Meeting Facts


Board Meeting Facts

Some boards have an agenda structure they follow just because that’s how they’ve always done. This can be an unnecessary waste of time. While the manner of your board meetings shouldn’t be sacrosanct there are some crucial things to take into consideration to ensure productive discussions and results.

Getting the right information in front of your board members prior to the meeting is crucial to having a productive meeting. This often means delivering your board members a detailed agenda well in advance, so they are familiar with the topics to be discussed. This will help them arrive prepared for an informed discussion during the meeting instead of trying to catch up while an update is being made.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to send out board member bios and relevant documents like organizational policies, bylaws, and annual budgets prior to the date. This will ensure that your board is prepared for these issues and also save time at the meeting.

It’s important to make sure the agenda items are taken care of during the meeting. Conversations with tangential topics can take up a lot of time to the meeting, and if an issue is not addressed, it can have lasting consequences for the company. It’s also vital that the board approves a draft of the minutes. This is essential to avoid any misrepresentation of the actual event as it’s being recorded particularly if it’s the draft of someone who participated in the meeting.

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