Board of Directors Blog Posts

Board of Directors Blog Posts



A board is responsible for the highest-level decisions, but not an executive. The board nominates and, in the event of need, replaces a CEO of a company. It is responsible for the company’s fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders and other stakeholders.

In the end, a well-performing and engaging board is one that treats staff as teammates not subordinates. The most respectable and thoughtful board members respect staff and treat them with respect and respect, even if a member of the board disagrees with the employee’s views. Board members are expected to act on issues that impact the mission of the organization regardless of its size.

One of the most important aspects of effective board governance is detailed minutes of meetings. These minutes can help board members who aren’t in attendance understand what took place at a meeting, and they can clarify any metrics or strategies that may need to be monitored. Boards who make the effort to write concise, clear minutes are better prepared to deal with legal issues.

To find out more about how you can create effective minutes for board meetings take a look at this blog post by SSIR. The blog is an excellent source for anyone who is interested in board governance with a particular special focus on boards that are not for profit.


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