Board Portals for Meetings

Board Portals for Meetings



A board portal is a digital platform for corporate governance that enhances the board meeting process before, during, and even after. These platforms boost the efficiency of meetings, improve decision-making, and facilitate executives and directors to communicate information.

A central repository for all board documents and communications including instant messages, emails and eSignatures. It allows board members to examine and collaborate on material prior to meeting. This removes the necessity for board members to search through email threads or physical books in order to locate information. It also ensures that all board members are using the most recent version of all documents. Modern tools for managing boards also provide a layer of security that stores documents on a secure server that can only be accessed by those who have access to the member’s profile. This ensures that sensitive information won’t end up in the unintentional hands or be buried in personal email chains.

All meetings, whether in person, virtual or hybrid require preparation. A effective board portal will allow administrators to design and distribute a an entire and comprehensive board book to the board prior the meeting to ensure directors have plenty of time to go through it. It should also enable the creation of minutes following each meeting, as in facilitating remote or hybrid meetings.

Board members are busy, which is why they require a tool that makes it simple for them to prepare and attend each meeting. Choose an intuitive interface that’s designed to be as simple as possible, and with built-in capability for communication between board members about topics they’re working on and calendar integrations to ensure that directors can check each other’s real-time availability and schedules.


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