How to Choose the Best Board Portal Software for Business

How to Choose the Best Board Portal Software for Business


A modern board portal is a vital tool for businesses, helping to save time and money as well as helping to improve communication between the leadership teams. But with many suppliers out there, locating the right solution can be a daunting task. This article will outline some important questions you should ask prospective suppliers to ensure you choose the most appropriate solution for your company.

It’s crucial that your board portal provider is honest about their plans for development and willing to hear feedback from users to identify areas for improvement. This is particularly important given the constant threat of cyberattacks that McAfe estimates will cost businesses more than $1 trillion each year.

Find a board platform that is simple to use by any member, regardless of how tech-savvy they may be. This will save admins’ time during training and onboarding and facilitate more efficient board meetings. To streamline your governance process, choose a platform that comes with powerful dashboards, calendars integrations, and eSignatures.

Directors often make notes or annotations on documents they are reviewing in the course of preparing meetings. It is important that the software you use for managing boards you choose allows for this, and also has the audit trails that are required to settle any future disputes quickly and easily.

The board portal should have a questionnaire feature to assist you with your annual D&O processes, as well as COI surveys. They should be simple to use and provide an efficient turnaround time for both administrators and members. Also, you should look for an option that has a permanent purge to ensure that any annotations and remarks are removed from your portal once the meeting is over and the document is no longer needed to be used.


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