How to Have a Successful Board Room Meeting

How to Have a Successful Board Room Meeting


The board room is the key meetings where crucial decisions for your company are taken. Effective board meetings are vital to the success of your company, whether they lead to a new innovative strategic approach or prevent you from making a costly mistake. Boardroom etiquette, a solid understanding of parliamentary procedures, and the ability to generate productive discussions are essential.

A well-planned agenda is a key element of an effective board meeting. It defines the purpose of the meeting and outlines the key questions that need to be discussed, and guides the flow of the discussion. It lets the board be able to discuss all important topics during the meeting. It also helps in the overall management of a company.

To start off the meeting, the presiding officer calls the meeting to order at the specified beginning time. He then begins to call the roll to ensure that an quorum of board member is present. Once all attendees are counted for the agenda and previous minutes are approved. The board then reviews any issues from the past that are not resolved and considers any new items that have been added to the agenda. The board can call off an event once these issues are addressed.

To maintain an efficient boardroom it is best to reduce the time spent on reports or « have to » items. This allows the board to devote a larger percentage of the meeting to discussing strategic direction and other important issues. The board can also reduce the amount of reports they present by asking the officers and committee chairs to present only the most important information in a brief and short report before the meeting.


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