How to Keep Share, Edit and Delete Your Data Safe

How to Keep Share, Edit and Delete Your Data Safe


If you’re handling sensitive information there are a few things to consider when posting files. First, only email people the information they require access to. This will lower the chances that more of your personal information declines into the incorrect hands when there is an incident or breach. The second option is data rooms and more to use a device which blocks unauthorised editing on files. For instance if you are working together on an Excel spreadsheet with someone else, there are applications that allow you to block the document while you are editing. This prevents malicious or accidental changes and ensures that the data remain accurate.

It is also recommended to eliminate the data you don’t want and to use encryption to make sure that any unauthorized access is unable to read when a file is intercepted on its way from your database to the recipient. Using platforms that pledge to keep your data secure and secure means that only authenticated users are able to view, edit and remove it. Additionally, the platform will automatically encrypt data when it’s transferred between databases and users.

This feature does not only give assurance that your data is safe, it also eases the burden and enhances the user experience for users by removing the requirement for them to build an online portal. Like Portal, files shared through Share Safe are also encrypted to block unauthorized viewing. Instead of having to log in to a portal to download files, they can use your company’s specific URL to gain access.


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