How to Run the Perfect Board Meeting

How to Run the Perfect Board Meeting


The more involved and committed board members are in the outcomes of a conference, the better. To achieve this, the chairman of a Board should be able to conduct effective meetings. This requires the right tools and meeting best methods to be implemented in a manner that will allow for lively and productive discussions.

Start with an State of the Union

Begin the meeting by asking the founder or another senior executive give a comprehensive overview of how things are going. This is a great opportunity to highlight important milestones and accomplishments as well as areas where your company might not meet its goals.

Define Objectives in a clear manner

The agenda should be sent to the attendees in advance so they can prepare. Include the discussion topic as well as the goals for each item to help everyone understand what the discussion will be about. Keep these objectives in mind during the meeting to keep discussions on the right track.

Encourage camaraderie

During the breaks in between meetings, organize informal social events to encourage more natural conversations and improve board member connections. Annual board retreats, or even regular gatherings that aren’t part of formal meetings can help build solid foundations for efficient and effective collaboration. This results in more productive and energetic board meetings that yield tangible results for the company.

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