How to Write a Well-Orchestrated Board Report

How to Write a Well-Orchestrated Board Report


A board report can be used to accomplish several objectives, including encouraging discussion, recognizing achievements as well as describing strategic planning and ensuring accountability and transparency. However, a lot of reports fall short of their objectives due to a number of factors, such as an ineffective structure, missing or misinterpreting important information and poor visual presentation.

The first step to create a well-structured report is be aware of your audience. Using clear headings to provide context and make data more comprehensible is a way to accomplish this. In the same way, a mix of visuals will help board members comprehend your information.

After you’ve set a tone, it’s time to discuss specific metrics and figures which can be compared with previous performance. This is a good time to discuss any future projects or needs for strategy that require board approval. These projects can be given more meaning by tying them to the objectives and strategies you’ve outlined.

In addition, you should include a section comparing your company’s performance in the market with its peers. This can help the board better understand the relationship between valuation, positioning, and growth expectations while providing useful information about the perceptions of investors. A table of consensus estimates can demonstrate to the board how Wall Street is currently positioned in relation to key metrics. This is an especially useful piece of information for companies that have sell-side analyst coverage.

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