Secure Data Room For Business

Secure Data Room For Business


A secure dataroom for business (also called a virtual deal room, VDR, or electronic dataroom) is a secure online space for uploading and sharing sensitive documents and files. It allows users upload and review critical information with investors, clients and company leaders on the internet in a safe setting. It is used extensively for due diligence or compliance litigation corporate transactions, corporate transactions and fundraising.

A data room’s primary security goal is to stop the unauthorized access of sensitive documents. Access controls are used to limit access to protected documents to those who have been authorized. It comes with features that keep track of who has viewed what and when. Many systems provide encryption for data in transit to prevent hackers from hacking servers and gain access to documents if they do not have the keys.

Certain systems also permit downloading of documents for offline viewing. While this can increase the convenience of users but it also decreases security as these PDF files are easily hacked using screen graber tools and may only provide limited protection, for instance, watermarks that can be easily removed.

When used properly when it is used correctly, a secure data room can speed up due diligence and accelerate the sale process by allowing multiple stakeholders to work on projects in real time. It can also increase competition among buyers by ensuring that the most precise and complete collection of documents is readily available to be viewed. Furthermore, it will make the business selling money by not having to purchase physical storage as well as a physical space for meetings.


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