What is a Company Management System?

What is a Company Management System?



A management system for your company is a way of recording, analysing and constantly improving every task and business process you manage. It’s not just about recording best practices It’s about creating a cohesive structure that aids in the growth of your business and helps employees work together effectively. It’s possible to have people marching to the same drum without having a management system. This can lead to inefficiencies and friction, which ultimately leads to a disjointed customer experience.

A Company Management System lays out the ways you do things and gives your staff a reference point to make sure that processes are followed consistently. It can be in the form of long documents or simplified flow diagrams, it can be as simple as an intranet page or as complex as a full-blown software application. Whatever way you decide to implement it, a good BMS can help new employees understand the way your business operates quicker and help current employees to understand and optimise procedures to secure higher quality.

A company management system can be used to implement a variety of management standards. This includes food safety, business continuity, and information security. The standards are laid out similarly and there’s often cross-over between the various standards which makes it much easier for people who are already familiar with one system to master another.

SPAN offers a range of tools, templates and software to help you create documents and manage the management system of your company. From establishing a strategy and setting up a framework, to auditing, training and ensuring continuous improvement We can assist you at any stage of your management system journey.


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